Neit was born in 2010 in Spain and has an outstanding pedigree.  When Neit joined our family she quickly became our son's constant companion. She has become a wonderful fun loving family member that he refers to as "Nedward", and they truly have become inseparatable.  Neit is our foundation female and has blessed us with 3 litters. Neit is now retired from our program, but we have kept a daughter from her to carry on this great line.
Ch Crazy Feeling Hades
Ch  Kathie Von Glandorf
Oncle Sam De La Rose Des Neiges
Ch  Godiva of Little Bombardier
Ch  Vicking Du Fiacre De Monparnasse
Ch  Leiboll's Soleil
Ch  Huguette De Tameran
Ch  Jaclyn Von Glandorf
Zsa Zsa of Little Bombardier
Ch  Daulokke's Nordique Truffe
Ch  Wham v. Fivelzight Of Kingfriend
Bonaparte De Noire Beatitude
Ch  Pipette De Tameran
Ch  Naif De Tameran